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Polyethylene pipes, size 16 to 1200 mm, based on different Pn, are as follows:

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  • General application of polyethylene pipes:

    • Water supply and agriculture

    Due to the geographical and climatic conditions of our country, there has always been a lack of water in all parts of the country, so using polyethylene pipes for water supply is prevented the overuse of fittings and wasting of water in the pipeline path.

    Drip irrigation is one of the newest methods to increase agricultural production. Using this method, water will only reach the plants and it will be prevented from wasting in areas that are faced with water shortages.

    • Transfer of urban, construction, and industrial wastewater

    Nowadays, in developed countries of the world, for the transfer of rainwater and municipal, domestic and industrial sewage, treatment and transport systems of polyethylene wastewater are used and this is due to the resistance of this heavy HDPE against chemicals.

    • Gas supply

    Since the arrival of gas into the world of consumption, many countries have been looking for new techniques to distribute it through gas networks. In the past, steel pipes and then coated pipes were used in gas distribution networks. Although the application of coated steel pipes was satisfactory and had good mechanical properties, its use has several problems, especially rust protection. Due to this, the efforts of gas engineers to use pipes with greater shape ability and less degradation that have good physical properties and are not affected by corrosion, led to the use of a special type of polyethylene, so. The use of polyethylene pipes has been greatly expanded in the world since about 30 years ago.

    This is in fact a complete response to the development of a medium-pressure gas distribution system. The use of this type of pipe in gas supply systems is based on the maximum use of polyethylene special quality. In comparison, it can be said that this type of pipe has numerous advantages over steel pipes, so that the use of polyethylene technology for gas distribution, in addition to the speed of work and ease of implementation economically and longevity and … It’s also affordable. In our country, up to 225 mm diameter has been used gas pipes, while in the case of using new technologies and upgrading polyethylene products like the world, higher diameters can be used.

    Uses of polyethylene pipes:

    Urban and rural water supply networks
    Urban and rural sewage networks
    Gas supply networks
    Drainage networks
    Industrial liquid and wastewater systems
    Irrigation networks under pressure (drip and rain)
    Mobile irrigation systems
    Covering telecommunication cables and optical fiber
    Covering electric cables
    Covering metal pipes
    As ventilation channels
    Dredging systems
    Gatering systems
    Floor coverings and insulation
    Combined systems with other items (GRP)
    Sea water transmission lines
    Water plants
    Transporting industrial materials (acid, diesel, etc.)

    Introducing the products of Nafis Polymer Arna Industries Co.

    Phase 1: In the first phase planned, the company’s products will be a new type of polyethylene pipes and related fittings, which with the multilayer character creates different applications for this product.

    These products are based on the technology of the world and in accordance with the standard.

    Multilayer pipes:

    Types of multilayer pipes for gas supply and water transfer applications

    The main features of this type of pipe include external surface resistance, ability to install without degradation, application in places with chemical leakage and pollutants, high resistance at different pressures, and control and diagnosis of pipe damage.

    Selected products in the first phase of the design

    type capacity
    Multi-layer polyethylene pipe from 16 to 160 mm in diameter 500 kg per hour
    Multi-layer polyethylene pipe from 63 to 500 mm in diameter 1700 kg per hour
    Multi-layer polyethylene pipe from 250 to 1200 mm in diameter 1800 kg per hour