Azma Plas is a manufacturer of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes


Azma Plas has been started since 2014 for producing various types of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes by using up-to-date knowledge and new technologies.


At present, the construction and completion stages of the project have been carried out at Shams Abad Industrial Park near Tehran intl. airport and the main equipment and machineries


The size of the products in the polyethylene pipes section is from 16 to 1200 mm and the machines with the latest technologies has provided the possibility of producing quality and new products.

Special features of Azma Plas polyethylene pipes

Multilayer pipes are produced only from high-quality polyethylene and polypropylene materials. These pipes are suitable for the application of things such as greater strength of the outer surface of the pipe and the use of materials that are suitable for checking cameras and checking detection. In the section on polyethylene gas pipes, also, Azma Plas will have unique suggestions for the use of multilayer pipes.

Multilayer pipes are divided into several categories, which Azma Plas can produce from 63 to 1200 mm in size:

  1. Polyethylene multilayer pipes that have a harder outer layer and are scratch resistant.
  2. Polyethylene pipes that are multilayered and have an outer layer for special applications such as use in intubation technology without trenches or intubation without a bed and coating with soft soil.
  3. Polyethylene multilayer pipe inside which is made of polypropylene for health advantages and resistance and visibility.
  4. Multilayer sewage pipes are more suitable for cyclic strength that can be connected together using welding.


Polyethylene pipe production method:

The process of producing polyethylene pipes is an extrusion method that the raw materials are inserted into the extruder as granules and melted by heat.

 Then the melted material is driven forward by Mardon (Spiral Rod) and enters the mold after leaving the extruder. The cooked materials pass through the calibrator after leaving the mold head and are formed in the vacuum tank by applying appropriate pressure. The surface of the pipe is cooled by layers of cold water flow as soon as it exits the calibrator.

 The high temperature of polyethylene melt decreases after leaving the mold gradually in the vacuum tank and then in cooling tanks using cold water.

 Polyethylene pipe produced by the lethal device is gradually pulled from the vacuum and cooling tanks and cut by branding machine, technical specifications, and date of production, standard sign and abbreviation of company name on it and then cut by cutting machine in different and specified sizes. All production steps are controlled and monitored by fully automatic devices that are acceptable to the end product quality and in the name of the company and Standards.

An example of extruder view, bath, and stretching

The general production method of Nafis Square Arna Industries Company is based on the mentioned above, and the new lines are considered based on the production of multilayer products:

View of extruder:

A view of the Die Head:


A view of the tank and special bathroom: